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art classes


the art of doodling

Do you ever wonder what you would create if you were freed of the limited notions of your mind?  This class explores tapping into your unconscious and setting yourself free on the blank page.  Guided by the breath, words and imagery, you will create art that is the unique language of your soul.

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mandala art

Learn how to use the ancient art of Mandalas of a way to self expression.

This daily practice will allow you to connect to your inner most feelings while creating artwork that represents the emotions you are carrying within you.

This fun practice has many adaptations and you will find joy in experimentation.

mandala art.jpg
collage sample_edited.jpg


The art of collage is a wonderful way to have fun and create.  Making vision boards, deconstructing art with images and color or simply making art that is fun based on what you are feeling inside.  Join us for this fun and expressive art experience.

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